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We create special architecture for special clients. Our knowledge, experience and intuition leads us towards surprising designs and new insights. We consider every assignment to be an enrichment. We put a lot of effort into research to generate a design-concept which is appropriate, regarding the assignment, customer and context.

Context is the defining aspect of the design in every possible assignment. The context is the collection of every factor that plays a roll, both internally and externally. There are external factors such as the measurements and the shape of the plot, the orientation towards the sun, the direction of the wind and the view, but also the available infrastructure and the perks of its surroundings, regardless of whether these are rural or urban. There are such internal factors as the character of its use or the character of its users, the internal communication and the relationship between the interior and the exterior. Combined, all these factors form the basis of the design. They are weighted, assessed and interpreted in order to create the ideal design in the given situation.

Just taking a moment to enjoy the always changing shapes that nature takes on, framed by the beautifully outlined window. Registering views from inside to outside, the other way around or even from the outside to the outside, made possible by the constructed forms. These views seem to cooperate and create the perfect conditions for communication and the greatest spatial experience. A void, a cantilever and a glass counterfoil are just some examples of the architectural ingredients which are put to use to emphasize the transition between the interior and the exterior or between the different spaces or functions. They are applied strategically, subtly and in a clever way to contribute to the experience of space and content. That creates an experience that does not only comfort, but at times can actually move you.

A good design is unaffected by any condition. Spatial quality should not only lead to an ultimate feeling of experience for the user but also for the surroundings. Our architecture has a specific style, is contemporary and custom made at all times. Due to the effort we put into the arrangements of volumes, the materialisation and detailing we are able to make the context meaningful. We will sometimes make use of unconventional methods to be able to comply with seemingly impeding conditions in an inventive and intelligent manner.

We work with several designers, each with his or her very own personal signature. Every assignment is unique by itself and moreover our designers all interpret its context differently. Our designers all have their own strengths and we use these core competences maximally as a company. For example, where one designer has a conceptual approach, the other designer might excel in an autonomous architectonic way or is always seeking the ultimate relationship with the surroundings. Nevertheless, there is still a strongly recognisable architecture. By means of intensive and confronting consultation on the design between the various designers we are able to obtain an exchange of the best ideas as well as a coherent signature of the firm. Collegial consultation or intensive cooperation will lead to the best obtainable quality with attention to every little design detail.

Professionalism is essential to a contemporary type of architecture that has nevertheless been appreciated for a long time. Our team has a broad know-how and a lot of experience in the field of construction techniques and building methods, but also in the field of process management. Our aim is to create an integrated designing process in which we involve all the required advisors from the early stages onwards. In that way we do not only utilize our own knowledge, but also that of others to obtain the maximally achievable results. We always try to find the sky’s limits within the boundaries of the law and the available technical knowledge.

In order to create the right design, to present that design to the customers and to have it verified by the authorities a company needs to be well-equipped. We dispose of the most modern equipment available. However, even before we draw out the projects by means of the latest software in 2D or 3D, we pay a lot of attention to the sketching phase. The hand sketches are vital to creating the design that is best suitable in the given context. Moreover the scale models  in all different phases give a more than decent three-dimensional image of the spacious meaning of the hand sketches.

Maas Architects has a team made up of 15 members. We put together a team for every assignment which consists of a designer, a project manager and architectural draftsmen. Furthermore there are various employees with specific positions within the company who support the project. This enables us to coordinate projects from the initiation phase to the phase of completion.

Maas Architects is member of the BNA, the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (Bond van Nederlandse Architecten)



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