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We create exceptional architecture for exceptional clients. As of the start of our firm in 1991 we have designed hundreds of villas and houses. Moreover, we have designed schools, care centers, offices and other types of buildings. Last but not least, throughout the years of our firm we also provided our private as well as professional clients with highly specialized interior design solutions. For each and every architectural assignment we work on we are committed to deliver the highest quality.  To quote our founder Wim Maas: “We never start with an image, our architecture derives from spatial solutions.”

In fine architecture, resilience and agility complements each other. Our architecture is unconventional, contemporary and always tailor-made.  When Wim Maas talks about spatial solutions, he also means spatial quality. Our design vision aims at maximizing the value experience of the user as well as that of the adjacent environment . This is why we, for example, put a lot of effort in the relationship between volumes, the implementation and the details of both the exterior and the interior. If the quality we aim for needs an atypical solution, we go for it. And we take it to the limit when it comes to creating  inventive solutions. We have the experience to deal with hurdles and so called obstructive conditions. Naturally, we hope to seduce you with the right propositions, in order to create and share a joint ambition with a result  that gets us both excited.

Our team consists of 15 professionals. For every and each project we set up a project team comprising of designers, a project manager and technical drawers. Such a team ensures that you get the best design power and an effective supervision of the process starting from design concept to the delivery of the building. Utilizing  our knowledge, experience and intuition we develop and deliver designs that will surprise and impress you, in the meantime enhancing the capabilities and insights of our firm. In all projects we start from scratch and we avoid beaten paths. We invest a lot of time in researching and developing the design concept that fits in the project specifications, matches client needs and expectations and addresses location specificities.

For every project, the context defines the design. As the experience of our senior architect Gerard Plug tells us: “Context is the collection of all important  factors that relates an office building or a house to a specific place. There are external factors, such as the dimensions and form of the plot, the sun position, the wind direction and the view but also the existing infrastructure and the quality of the surrounding environment or urban tissue. And there are internal factors such as the typical use of the building, the character of users and the relationship between inside and outside.” Together, all mentioned factors represent the base ingredients for the design. They will be weighed, valued, interpreted and finally translated into a design in which your wishes and demands become tangible. The design comes to life, even before the first stone is set. For example the Rijn & IJssel watership office: starting point for this design is the environment. The plot is situated in a green zone that continues through to the city centre. It is a high-tech building with a modest appearance, embedded in its peaceful surroundings.

Modern architecture interacts with influences of architectural movements of the past as well as with the development and opportunities new technology provides. For our senior architect Frank Vijftigschild  the past  is, among other things, a source of inspiration. For example, the Baroque. Often, this period is associated with extravagance, says Frank. “While actually, the Baroque is characterized by a new dimensional development. Unlike the Renaissance, with its geometrical forms and framed spaces, the Baroque lets spaces dissolve in the next and the next, an ongoing process that refers to infinity. But every movement from the past has specific qualities. Think of the ancient Greek architecture, for example. There are many principles from that time period I still use when designing 21st century houses and buildings.” Alongside the factors mentioned by Wim and Gerard, Frank likes to embed composition, plasticity and contrasting elements into the design process: light-dark, open-closed, hard-soft, high-low. “And last but not least, uniformity in color and material is key for the final result. To have conversations about this with our clients, discuss the pros and cons together, is what I consider to be an essential part of our job.”

Spatial experience is in the detail. Imagine: the changing appearance of nature, framed by a window. Sight lines from inside to outside. A loft, an overhang, a line of glass. All architectural design elements we use to  mark the transitions between inside and outside, between different spaces. Applied in a smart, strategic or a subtle way, they contribute to the perception of the space and of its environment. In this way, we design your living or working experience. Both for a home and an office, emotion and feelings play a part. Maybe, you want an office with the appearance of a villa. While talking and sketching, we, together will find out. Do you wish to optimize the view over the water from your living room? Then we lift your house, metaphorically and  literally, and solve the parking problem in one go.

Every project is unique and our architects will interpret the context in their own way. Nevertheless, our firm preserves its clear and recognizable style. Intensive meetings between our architects  leads to the exchange of the best ideas as well as a cohesive signature of our firm. Given our sense of ( financial) reality, we never design castles in the air. Your budget will lead our creativity.

Professionalism comes with a large dose of experience, even if  we say so ourselves. You may expect from us that we, next to adding architectural value, ensure an accurate budget and planning. Hence, no surprises, apart from creative ones. Our team features broad knowledge and experience in the field of building techniques as well as project management. We strive for an integral design process where we, if necessary, involve and  incorporate external expertise in an early stage of the process. In this way, we make clever use of both our knowledge and the knowledge of others, towards  the best results.

For us, teamwork is interaction, a trade of ideas, wishes, ambitions and dreams. We like to see you as sparring partner more than just  as a client. Before we start drawing your project using state of the art CAD software, we pay a lot of attention to the sketch phase: proper conversations with each other about the question behind your question. Together we explore the surrounding of your future home or building, and as we are getting along in the process, we look for suitable materials. In this way our talks will become more and more definite, until we are both convinced about the final design.

As of the start of our firm in 1991, sustainable design and building formed the core of our firm’s  strategy. Naturally, the client plays an important role in the realization of a sustainable house or building. An example is  the head office of sustainable producer of powdered milk Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods, which obtained the BREEAM certificate. A truly Win-win: the office contributes to the sustainable identity of Vreugdenhil and saves a lot of energy costs. In 2011 we built an autarkic home in Lochem — energy neutral due to smart design and a combination of sustainable techniques and installations like — among others — a heat pump and solar panels. In an exploratory meeting we would be glad to present to you examples of our  expertise and experience in  innovations which we gained throughout the years. We believe that sustainability and aesthetics can work perfectly  together.  We will demonstrate this notion to you using examples of our designs.

Finally, in our opinion high end architecture is not inevitably paired to large projects and a high budget.  We also work on smaller projects such as a garage renovation or dormer window.

To cut a long story short, If you are considering building a new house  or office and have many open  question,  please know that we would be very glad to be part of the process to find the right  answers. In a first meeting – without any obligations- we, together can scope the challenge and define the road map of the journey!  Contact us and let us know when and where you would like us to meet other!

Maas Architecten is member of the BNA ( Association of Dutch Architects).